All manuscripts submitted to FLR should conform to the following guidelines:

Article 1 (Contents of Manuscript)

1) The manuscript should include creative criticisms, analysis of experiments and noble suggestions related to the theories and practices of foreign language education. Manuscripts about language, literature and/or related fields of the study should include educational implications and applications.
2) Manuscripts that have been submitted or published in other academic journals should not be submitted.
3) Manuscripts should meet the guidelines and be a creative one with high scholastic value and academic depth.
4) Any act of plagiarism is prohibited (including appropriation of other’s idea, reasoning, proper term(s), data, and/or analysis systems without appropriate reference; using an original text without quotation marks; and quoting own work without an apparent indication of reference such as a citation or a footnote). In the case of submitting an abridged version or a part of dissertation, it should be specifically stated.
5) Any act of fabrication is prohibited (including forging and falsification i.e. creating false data or research result and/or intentional alteration and omission of data or research result).

Article 2 (Submission of manuscripts and Decision for publication)

1) The manuscript should be saved as a Microsoft Word file and submitted via email to the assistant administrator (the editor in charge) of the Foreign Language Research Institute. All submitted manuscripts will be evaluated by three judges and decided as ‘Publish,’ ‘Publish after revisions,’ ‘Reevaluation after revisions,’ or ‘Unapproved to publish.’ When a notice for publication is sent after passing the evaluation, submit the final copy (after needed revision is done) via email.
2) Have your personal information such as email address, home/office address, cell-phone number and fax number on a separate page and submit it with your manuscript via email.
3) The first draft of manuscript must be submitted before August 31steveryyear.
4) A contributor submitting to the academic journal must pay 30,000 KRW for the screening.

Article 3 (Style of manuscript)

1) Manuscripts should be within 25 pages.
2) Manuscripts should be in one of the following languages: Korean, English, German, and French.
3) Manuscripts should be organized in the order of: title, author with affiliation, abstract, text, reference, and appendix. Refer to the attached paper for the details.
4) Abstracts should be within 200 words in the same language as the text. Include author, title, and keywords written in the same language. For the author’s name, the last name should come first followed by a comma and the first name. No capitalization is used in the title except for the first word and proper nouns. Approximately 5 keywords should be provided without capitalization except for proper nouns.
5) The length of the title is preferably within two lines.
6) Detailed format is as following:
(1) Margins
 - Paper size: A4
 - Margins: Top 50mm, Bottom 52mm, Left & Right 42mm.
 (2) Font and paragraph
    a. Font
   - Section title: MS Gothic
   - Whole manuscript except section titles: Times New Roman
    b. Size
   - Abstract, Keywords, footnote: 10 point
   - Title: 16 point
   - Section titles: order of 14, 13, and 12 point
   - Text, reference, appendix: 12 point
    c. Justified
   - Title: Center-justified
   - Author & affiliation: Right-justified
   - Whole manuscript except the title, author, and affiliation: justified
    d. Spacing and Enlargement
   - Title: Line spacing 20pt, Enlargement 100%, Standard spacing
   - Abstract, footnote: Line spacing 12.5pt, Enlargement 90%, Narrow spacing 0.2pt
   - Whole manuscript except the title, abstract, and footnote: Line spacing 14.5pt,
                                      Enlargement 100%, Standard spacing 
   (3) Symbols used in the titles are as in the following order:
      (high rank)  I  1.  1)  (1)  ①  (low rank)
 Each text following each title should start on the next line, but do not space a line for  texts following the fourth section title, (1), and the fifth, ①. No indentation is  needed for all titles.
   (4) Space three words for each paragraph.
   (5) Quotation paragraphs (quotes from original text, interviews, etc.) should have left  margin of 5.0ch, Line spacing 14.5pt
   (6) References, tables, and figures should conform to the requirements of the  
     Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).

<Manuscripts in English, German, and French>

Article 4 (Other)

1)  The name of the author should conform to the spelling the author has fixed. If not requested otherwise, the name should be in the order of ‘first name, last name’ in the title and ‘last name, first name’ in the abstract and the table of contents on the cover.
2)  The co-authors and corresponding authors must be specified when there are more than two authors. If not marked in particular, the first written author is regarded as the first author and the following author(s) as co-author(s). When there is a corresponding author, it should be marked separately.
3)  The first author or a corresponding author should be the one who is in charge of the conducted research, who offer the core idea of the study, and who substantially conduct the research. A co-author should be the one who has directly contributed to the research on the whole or in part. The one who has not directly contributed to the research must not be the first author or a co-authors; it is prohibited.
4)  The Editorial Board, as an occasion demands, could request modification of a manuscript to the contributor(s).  

Article 5 (Supplementary provision)
These regulations take effect from March 1, 2009.


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